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Skin Care*
ServiceDetailsPrices From
EUROPEAN FACIALConsultation, cleansing, toning, face, neck and shoulder massage, steam exfoliation, pore cleansing, customized masque, heated glove moisturizing hand treatment.$72
DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL TREATMENT FOR MENConsultation, cleansing, toning, face, neck and shoulder massage, steam, exfoliation,deep pore cleansing, customized masque, heated glove moisturizing hand treatment.$65
TEEN FACIAL - under 18Consultation with parent, cleansing, toning, face, neck and shoulder massage, steam, exfoliation,deep pore cleansing, customized masque, heated glove moisturizing hand treatment.$57
ADULT/ TEEN ACNE TREATMENT FACIALConsultation, enzyme or glycolic, steam, extensive deep pore cleansing, anti-bacterial high-frequency, specialized acne masque, pH balanced toner. Does not include massage.$80
HYDRADERMIE FACIALUltimate advanced specific facial for all skin types. Deep cleansing, refining, invigorating, balances and restores proper pH and natural cellular renewal process.$100
HYDRADERMIE LIFT FACIALNON-INVASIVE micro current tightens skin and muscles while reactivating cellular activity and eliminating toxins. Facial features are lifted and muscles regain tone and firmness. Progressive improvement with multiple treatments.$150
HYDRADERMIE LIFT EYE TREATMENT(with Facial $50.00)Eliminates puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, using a mild muscle current stimulation and specific eye products for immediate improvement and long lasting results. Eye area will appear significantly younger and smoother after a series of just 3 treatments!$55
LIFTOSOME FACIALFace will be firmer, smoother and better toned after treatment and mask. visibly relaxes and remodels face with vitamins C & E$100
ADVANCED BEUTE NEUVE FACIALVitamin C and Glycolic renewal facial$85
VITAMIN C ANTI-OXIDANT FACIALWith Quartz Mask and Ultra Sound Designed to treat & prevent photo damaged skin. Super charged delivery of Vitamin C, minerals & botanicals. Lightens pigmentation, smoothes, firms & hydrates skin.$110
SPECIAL OCCASION/EXPRESS ANTI-AGING FACIALCleansing, Toning, Enzyme Treatment, Ultra Sound and Quartz Mask. Very Rejuvenating!$80
HYDRA DEW FACIALVitamin and mineral rich seaweed and phyto-extracts to lighten and restore dehydrated complexions from chemical and U/V Exposure$90
ORGANIC MICRODERMABRASIONReduces fine lines, wrinkles & pore size, smoothes skin, restores sun damage, improves acne scarring, reduces discoloration. Followed by Vitamin C Treatment. Immediate results in overall skin tone & texture.$165
BACK TREATMENTExfoliation, hydration, includes 10 min. back massage$67
ELEGANTE FACIAL SERIES5 European Facials for the price of 4$288
HYDRACLEANHydraclean Facial uses the patented Thermoclean Electrode to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin in 30 minutes $50
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